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Dodgeball Tournament

Dodge, Duck, dive and dip!

Saturday November 27th, 13:00

This is your chance to hit your best friends, vague acquaintances, biggest enemies or total strangers with your balls!
We go way back to secondary school. The era of Flippo’s, Tamagotchi’s, MSN, Windows ’95, Furby’s, Gameboys, Rocket Power, Dragon Ball Z, Galactic Football, Pokémon and of course… DODGEBALL!

On the 27th of November the biggest Dodgeball tournament of Breda will take place. Expect popping activities in a nostalgic outfit (literally) with a nice afterparty!
Ticket sales for this amazing sporting event will start on October 27! We have two options:
– Solo ticket → €5.29 (incl. service costs)
– Team ticket → €27.79 (incl. service costs)

The team ticket is based on 6 participants (standard dodgeball team). More information about team registration can be found at the bottom of the description. By purchasing a team ticket you save 4 euros on the total amount. If you are in a team with 7 or 8 people, you also save 7 or 14 euros extra!

Get your tickets here.
In addition, don’t forget to register with your team.

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