BRESS Per4mance

4 epic days of sports!

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for BRESS Per4mance? Meet the most diverse, unique and coolest sports ever between 30th of May and 2nd of June!I’m in!

BRESS challenges you to try sports you wouldn’t normally do so easily (or sports you’ve had on your bucket list for a long time, but haven’t been able to do yet). Both members and non-members can participate in BRESS Per4mance. At BRESS, several of our own sports but also a couple of new sports can be played. In addition, several of our external sports partners will participate, with whom you can also try different sports. You can choose which sports you want to discover during these four days. Would you like to tear through the streets of Breda on a longboard or play a typical Dutch children’s game that’s a combination of ‘The floor is lava’ and ‘tag’? All is possible! Also think about sports like Xcore, self-defense classes, lacrosse, acroyoga, Jumping Fitness, bubbleball and so on! Maybe there’s a sport in there that you enjoy doing so much that you’ll even stick with it. Take on the challenge by yourself or take your friends with you!


On Tuesday night from 21:00 to 23:00 there will be a DJ in the gym! You can reserve your spot in the gym through the regular way on Virtuagym. Let’s work out before going out!

In addition to playing various sports, Thursday night will feature the BRESS Per4mance Pubquiz. Get the gang together and sign up for an evening of great quizzing over some delicious cold beers. More information about the pub quiz can be found here.

During these 4 days you will not only discover various sports, but you will also have the chance to win epic prizes. These prizes can be won in two different ways.

  • The main prize is to be won by participating in as many sports as possible. After participating in a sport you will receive a coupon from the instructor on which you can write down your details. You put this coupon in a box and at the end of BRESS Per4mance we will pick 4 winners. The more sports you participate in, the more coupons you can put in the lucky bag and the more chance you have of winning the first prize! What that grand prize is…. we’ll keep that a secret for the time being.
  • Besides the first prize, there are other prizes to be won. You win these prizes by earning as many points as possible. How do you earn these points? You earn the points by participating in the available sports during these 4 days. Each sport has its own number of points, the more points you collect the more chance you have of winning these prizes. There are prizes for both women and men. Points are awarded after participating in the sport.

How can I participate in BRESS Per4mance?
Are you already a BRESS member? That’s awesome, the BRESS Per4mance credits are free. You are not a BRESS member yet? Then you will need to buy BRESS Per4mance credits for the reasonable price of €15,00 (including a free drink at our sports bar). Both BRESS members and non-members need to purchase credits.

Have you become so enthusiastic after BRESS Per4mance and would you like to sign up for a membership? Make sure you do this within 1 week after BRESS Per4mance (before June 11th), and we will deduct the registration fee you paid for BRESS Per4mance from your membership costs. This means that as a student you will only have to pay an additional €85.00(!!).

Why are these credits needed? With the credits you can sign up for the participating sports of BRESS Per4mance and we will see in our system what you have done. This way we can easily keep track of the points for the prizes to be won.

A ticket for BRESS Per4mance is available from May 2. Click here to register yourself! ATTENTION! You can reserve your spots for the sports activities 1 week before BRESS Per4mance in the BRESS app or Virtuagym! (23rd of May)

More information about participation and all the rules can be found here!



One day free access!

Request your day pass here and pick it up at our front desk.

Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).

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