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Monday, 18:30 – 20:00 Reserve

BRESS Sports Center, Sports hall A

Badminton is an Olympic sport which is played with a racket and a shuttle. The shuttle is hit over the net by using the rackets. Depending on how many people are playing, you can either play single or double games. A single game means you play one against one and during a double game you play two against two.

During the badminton training sessions at BRESS, having a good time and being active are combined. You can join throughout the whole year and it is not needed to have prior badminton experience. Rackets and shuttles can be borrowed.

One day free access!

Request your day pass here and pick it up at our front desk.

Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).