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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance Breda
€ 5,- on presentation of your check-in ticket

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BRESS Sports Center, Dance Studio 1

Global beats to move your soul & feet! – Ecstatic Dance means dancing barefoot and completely free without any rehearsed dance moves. You move the way you feel like! By yourself or with others, you will make an enchanting musical journey, passing a diversity of genres, during which the electronic beats and worldly rhythms give you a deepening feeling. Ecstatic Dance is a workout and meditation in one.   

Ecstatic Dance at BRESS is organized by Ecstatic Dance Breda. It’s a fun way start your Sunday off right.

Guidelines are:
– No talking on the dance floor; communicate through dance
– Dance barefoot and in comfortable clothing
– Give others enough space to dance
– Taking photos and videos is not accepted
– All mobile phones are turned off
– Alcohol, drugs, strong perfumes or any other type of smokes are not appropriate for Ecstatic Dance

Visit for more information and other guidelines.

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