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Futsal Men

20,- per team (one-off)

Wednesday, 19:00 – 23:00

BRESS Sports Center, Sporthall A and B

Futsal, also known as indoor soccer, is an intensive sport for the true soccer lover. Every school year, 2 intern competitions are held at BRESS for 16 teams. This competition is divided into a Premier league (8 teams) and a First Division (8 teams) and they all compete for the first place in their league ranking. Moreover, they all compete for the BRESS Cup. For this, the knockout principle is used and who plays against who is determined by means of a draw.

Futsal competition 2020/2021

Start competition 1: September 2, 2020
Start competition 2: unknown


  • Registration is mandatory
  • All players of a team need to be a member of BRESS and have a membership card before the competition starts. If not all players have a membership card, the team will be placed on the spare list
  • After registration, the only way to add players to a team is via The coordinator first needs to give a confirmation before the new player can join the team
  • Every team needs to have a 1st (and 2nd one in case the 1st team captain isn’t available) who’s responsible for informing his team
  • A player and/or team captain can only participate in 1 team

How do I register a team? (Present competition is full)
Please send us the following information to

  1. Team name
  2. Information of the 1st team captain (name, phone number and e-mail address)
  3. Information of the 2nd team captain (name, phone number and e-mail address)
  4. Correct names (first- and last name) of all players (minimum of 5* and maximum of 9 players) of all players

Please note! The registration fee of €20,- needs to be paid to the coordinator before the competition starts. The money can be delivered in a closed envelope signed with the team name, 1st or 2nd futsal competition 19/20, a.t.t.n Timothy ‘coordinator BRESS Futsal’. This envelope needs to be delivered to Timothy himself, the front desk of BRESS or the referee. Do you prefer to transfer the money? Please send an e-mail to to ask for the bank details.

* If you can’t manage to put together a (complete) team, please send an e-mail to and we will try to find a team that is in need of extra players or if there are enough individual registrations to put together a team.

One day free access!

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Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).