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Ice skating

Kunstijsbaan Optisport Breda
4,85 discount

Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 22:00
Saturday, 10:00 – 16:30
Sunday, 10:00 – 16:30

Please check the website for updates on the skating season

Terheijdenseweg 506 Breda

Did you know that even during the prehistoric times people tried to find ways to cross ice surfaces faster? Findings show that people used to make ice skates out of animal bones. These were sharpened so the surface would be smooth enough. Nowadays, Dutch heroes such as Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst slide over the ice on ice skates with sharp-edged iron.

At Kunstijsbaan Optisport Breda you can ice skate recreationally starting October until March. This location facilitates an ice rink of 400 meters and an ice floor of 30 meters wide and 60 meters long. It’s perfect for a fun day out!

BRESS-member benefit
As BRESS-member you pay € 2,- per visit (normally € 7,-)*. If you don not own a pair of ice skates, you can rent these for € 6,-.

Discount only applicable by showing your BRESS sports card including photo and expiration date.

One day free access!

Request your day pass here and pick it up at our front desk.

Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).