Roller Derby

Roller Derby Breda: Suck City Rock'n Roller Dolls
Free (first 15 weeks)

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Roller Derby is a team sport for women on roller skates and is founded in Austin, Texas. Roller Derby is all about speed, perseverance and tactics. It is a contact sport played by two teams of 5 players each who all skate in the same direction on a flat surface. A game consists several small matches (“jams”) during which a player of each team (“jammer”) tries to score by passing players of the other team. Both teams try their best to help their jammer and at the same time hamper the opponent – this way each team plays both offense and defense at the same time.

Are you into action, speed and are you looking for a unique team sport? Then you should go play roller derby at Suck City Rock’n Roller Dolls. Twice a year, there is a Fresh Meat program; for 15 weeks you learn everything about roller derby in terms of techniques, the rules and how to roller skate. There is no need to have any roller skate experience and materials can be borrowed for beginners.

BRESS-member benefit
BRESS-members can join the Fresh Meat program for free* (normally, only the first 4 weeks are free). After the Fresh Meat program, you pay the regular contribution of € 22,50 a month. Please send an e-mail to to sign up.

Open training session 1 + start 1st Fresh Meat Period: September/October
Open training session 2 + start 2nd Fresh Meat program: February/March

BRESS-members are also able to visit a home game of Suck City Rock’n Roller Dolls for free by showing their BRESS sports card. Check out the competition schedule on their Facebook page.

* Please bring your BRESS sports card including photo and expiration date to the first training.

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Request your day pass here and pick it up at our front desk.

Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).

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