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Jasmijn de Veld

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AWF area, BRESS Sportcenter

Sports massages are extremely popular among athletes as they can serve as preparation for physical exercise, can be used preventively to avoid injuries but also to treat injuries.

Regardless of your level of sportsmanship, fanatic or slightly less fanatic, when training at the right intensity, chances are that muscle cells will be damaged. This is a process that is needed to grow and strengthen your muscles, but it does cause the unpleasant feeling of muscle pain. To get rid of this feeling faster, a sports massage can be a good form of treatment. But also for physical complaints that do not come from exercise, such as cramped neck and shoulder muscles due to stress, sports massage can be a solution.

Have you set a goal for yourself, such as participating in the Singelloop Breda, and do you want to prepare yourself as much as possible? Then sports massage can help you! Sport massage prepares the body for physical exercise and then helps it recover better. It prevents fatigue of the muscles and the risk of uncoordinated movements is reduced which decreases the risk of getting an injury. Thanks to sports massages, you can perform better and at the same time reduce the risk of injury.

The sports massages at BRESS are given by Jasmijn de Veld, a fourth-year physiotherapy student at Avans Hogeschool Breda.

BRESS-member benefit
Jasmijn’s vision is that sports massages should also be accessible to everyone, so that is why the sports massages at BRESS are free of charge for members. Sports massages are only possible by appointment on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00. A treatment takes 20 minutes and can be scheduled via (see the heading ‘sportmassage’). Questions? Send an e-mail to

Important: Prior to your treatment, please complete the questionnaire below and click on ‘submit’. This allows Jasmijn to test whether or not sport massage is the right treatment for you.

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