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BRESS Sports Center, Squash courts 1 to 6

Squash is an intensive sport in which physical endurance is of great importance. It is related to tennis; it is a racket sport that is played by two persons. In contrary to tennis, squash players do not stand opposite, but next to each other and you can make use of the walls. There is no net in between the players and the (soft) ball is hit to the wall that is opposite of the players. Psst! Did you know that Tessa Ter Sluis, Dutch Champion ladies squash 2017, trains with us?

Fees and reservations
At BRESS we have a total of 6 squash courts which can be rented by both members and as non-members. Have a look here at our Squash fees (Dutch).

A squash court can be rented online via and during opening hours via phone 076 521 54 53 or directly at our bar/front desk. Please read the reservation requirements (Dutch) beforehand. Enquire at one of our bar/front desk employees if you need help understanding our fees and reservation requirements.

Important: Black or partly black shoe soles are forbidden on our squash courts. Squash can only be done on indoor sporting shoes.

Meet our squash trainers 

Tessa Ter Sluis
As a professional squash player I have enjoyed teaching squash at BRESS for almost 10 years. I train with squash players on specific questions they have or teach beginners the basics of the game. I also help more competitive players who play in tournaments, competitions or the BRESS squash ladder with training exercises that are focus on technical, tactical or physical aspects of the game. Do you want to start with squash or do you want to work om something specific? Get in touch and we’ll look further together!

Marjolein van Oostrum
With almost 20 years of experience I still share my passion for squash with young, old, beginners and experienced squash players. As a beginner we are going to discuss the basic rules and techniques so that you can quickly play a match against a friend or at the BRESS ladder competition. If you are more experienced, we will talk about the tactical side of the game through various exercises that simulate a match situation. There are quash lessons at BRESS for every level and every ambition. 

Bart Bielars
Technique, tactics, physical and mental are all involved by squash! Over the past 15 years I have played and trained a lot. With this experience I eventually play tournaments and competitions. With the competition I come to many cities all over the country. This is where you also could go when you start playing in the competition. For 5 years I have enjoyed teaching children, students and adults. You can see me often at BRESS, so if you see me once and you have a question about squash or would like to follow a training. Don’t hasitate to contact me! I’ll be happy to help you. See you at the squash court. 


Squash tournaments
Throughout the year, several evening- and day tournaments take place in which everyone can participate on every level (beginners, semi-advanced and advanced). Keep an eye on our activities page for the next tournament.

Explore squash

Would you like to take a squash lesson? You can! Every Tuesday from 4 PM until 5 PM and every Thursday from 3 PM until 4 PM a squash lesson will be given. You can register via the BRESS app (or click here) per lesson there will be 6 places available, it’s free and the material will be arranged. (BRESS- members only)

Club night
Our club night takes place every Friday night (except holidays) starting 19:00 on court 2 to 5 and it is for every squash player who would like to get to know fellow squashers or just play a game. Squash players of every level are welcome and they rotate between themselves. This way you get in touch with different players and playing techniques. Our club night is all about squash and having fun together.

Reserving is not needed, please do check-in at the bar upon arrival. Costs are €5,-

Squash ladder competition
Are you crazy about squash and are you interested in playing a match every 2 weeks against someone who’s on the same level? Then join our BRESS squash ladder competition! It is very simple:

  • Every 2 weeks a fun match will be organized for you
  • You choose the days you would like to play
  • You are placed in your level
  • You change positions if you win from someone who has a higher position than you

Will you join? Participating is for free. Visit the website of sportconnexions for more information, the full regulations and to sign up.


One day free access!

Request your day pass here and pick it up at our front desk.

Please note: A day pass is one-time only and only applies to sports in our sports center (squash and free training hours in our sports hall excluded).

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