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Tuesday, 20:30 – 22:00 Reserve
Thursday, 20:30 – 22:00 Reserve

BRESS Sports Center, Sports hall B

Volleyball is a ball game during which the playing field is divided into two equal halves, separated by a net. On each half there is a team consisting of six players. They try to pass or hit the ball to the floor of the opponents half and prevent the opponent from doing the same.

Are you already familiar with terms like service, pass, set up and smash or do you have no clue what they entail? Whatever level you are on, our volleyball training sessions are suitable for everyone. During these training sessions we pay attention to physical endurance, technique and tactics by doing different exercises and we always finished with a friendly match.

The Big Dutch Student Championship
Each year a volleyball team of BRESS joins the Big Dutch Student Championship (GNSK). Would you like to represent BRESS and at the same time Breda at the Olympic games of the Dutch student cities? Keep an eye on our website or ask our trainer for more information.

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