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The BRESS Bucket List is BACK!

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Oh yesss, you’ve read that right: the BRESS Bucket List is BACK! Check out what you’ve missed in last year’s edition and make sure you’re here at BRESS as much as possible, because the only way to win is to be present!

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Fly your own airplane!

Joppe got the chance to fly his own airplane. After a short instruction he got into the airplane and, with supervision of course, got to taxi, take off, fly and even land! Check out this awesome Bucket List experience of Joppe here!

Helicopter flight above Breda!

How great was this? Kelsey, Jette and Wouter were unsuspectingly working out and just an hour later they were flying in a helicopter above Breda! Check out their amazing adventure here!


For Pien, flyboarding was here ultimate Bucket List experience! We took here to Drimmelen and made it happen. It turned out, it’s a lot more difficult and exhausting than you might think. Would you like to know how well she did? Check the video here.

Cow milking

This was a rather special one. No parachute jumping, no paragliding, no bungeejumping… For Simone, the ultimate Bucket List experience was to milk a cow! Well, it was more difficult to arrange than we expected, but we managed to find some cows that still could be milked by hand. Check out the result here!


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